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The MRC has been fighting for a democratic and accountable media since 2011. Until now, we’ve had an elected chair and a coordinating committee, alongside lots of loose relationships with organisations working for similar goals. Now want to formalise those relationships and build the organisation by opening up to a wider membership.

As a member of the MRC you’ll be able to:

  • set the direction and policy priorities of the organisation
  • collaborate and campaign on media issues you care about
  • keep in touch with others across the movement at our quarterly meetings
  • elect leadership roles at our AGM

More on how governance will work can be found here. Anyone can join, so long as they agree with our Purpose and Vision and Values and Community Guidelines, as detailed below.

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with details about our next members’ meeting and meetings of other MRC sub-groups. We welcome non-affiliated members, but if you are part of a relevant organisation then please let us know and tick to indicate if you are joining as an official representative or in your personal capacity.

We also encourage all members to make a monthly donation to support MRC’s core activities. You can do this using the tool beneath the sign up form.

Make a monthly donation

If you are able, please make a monthly donation using the tool below. Membership funds are used to support core activities and, with approval of the membership, the activities of working group.

Our Purpose and Vision

The Media Reform Coalition is committed to building a 21st century media system that is independent, accountable, diverse, transparent and participatory.

Independence: The Media Reform Coalition supports media that is independent not just from politicians and governments, but also billionaires and corporate interests, and aims to counteract the concentration of media ownership in the hands of a few large corporations or individuals.

Accountability: The Media Reform Coalition advocates for a media system that is accountable to the public, rather than serving the interests of powerful corporations or individuals.

Diversity: The Media Reform Coalition advocates for a diverse media landscape that reflects the experiences and perspectives of all members of society, rather than perpetuating harmful stereotypes, or excluding marginalised voices.

Transparency: The Media Reform Coalition advocates for transparency in media ownership, funding, and decision-making processes, in order to increase public trust and accountability.

Participation: The Media Reform Coalition seeks to promote active participation by citizens and civil society groups in shaping the media landscape, rather than leaving media policy decisions solely in the hands of government or corporate actors.

Our Values and Community Guidelines

As a member of the MRC you will take an active role in building the community by attending meetings and collaborating with other members in working groups. Read more about MRC governance on our website.

We aspire for all MRC meetings, events and communications to be respectful, inclusive, and open. By joining MRC, members agree and must adhere to our core organisational values of:

Respect: Treating each other with kindness, care and dignity.

Solidarity: Showing up for and supporting each other.

Openness: Welcoming new connections, ideas and solutions for shared problems.