Media Reform issues statement to Lord Leveson demanding that media concentration remains on the agenda

By Media Reform Coalition / Tuesday July 3, 2012 Read More
Backed by the NUJ, Community Media Association, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and a host of other institutions and individuals, Media Reform has now issued a joint statement calling on the Inquiry not to deviate from the original terms of reference which specifically called for recommendations about plurality and ownership. The statement concludes: ‘We are faced with a huge opportunity to put in place a more accountable and transparent media system that will do justice to the journalists who work in it as well as the public who depend on it. It is vital that we do not lose sight of the overwhelming need to break up the concentrations of media power that have corrupted British political life.’ Full list of supporting organisations: National Union of Journalists Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom Community Media Association MediaWise Glasgow University Media Group Democracy Fail Victims Unite MecSSA LSE Media Policy Project Goldsmiths News Group Leverhulme Media Research Centre New Left Project Unlock Democracy Read the statement in full