Our media is broken.
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Welcome to The Media Reform Coalition.
Leading the fight for a media fit for the 21st-century.

The UK’s media is struggling to do its job.

At a time of pandemics, climate catastrophe and threats to democracy, we urgently need a media that can be part of the solutions. A system that can make sense of these crises and hold the powerful to account. Instead, most of our media is part of the problem.

The Media Reform Coalition brings together activists, academics and media producers to challenge unaccountable media corporations and build an independent, democratic media system. Through research, lobbying and campaigning, we are leading the fight for a media fit for the 21st-century.

Join the movement to transform the media.

90% of daily newspapers are controlled by just 3 companies.

The BBC and Channel 4 face government interference, funding cuts and privatisation.

70% of people in the UK do not trust the media to be objective and nonpartisan.

The Issues

A Media Commons

How do we build a media which is owned by us and where we all get to play a part in creating it?

More on the media commons

A People’s BBC and Channel 4

How can we protect our public broadcasters from attacks and transform them into democratic 21st-century public institutions?

More on a People’s BBC and Channel 4

The future of journalism

How can we ensure independent, collaborative and accountable journalism exist in all communities?

More on the future of journalism

Media ownership

How can we break up media monopolies and allow more voices to be heard?

More on media ownership
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