• Jeremy Corbyn Backs Media Reform

    Labour Leadership Front Runners Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson Back ‘Urgent Measures’ to Tackle Media Power

  • #GE2015 press most partisan in a generation?

    UK papers backed Tories over Labour by a margin of 5 to 1

  • Stand Up for Truth: June 1st @ Birkbeck

    Whistleblowers speaking tour London

  • Media policy - what the party manifestos say

  • Who cares about excessive concentration of media ownership?

    What do the Election Manifestos reveal?

  • Labour’s manifesto shows a growing consensus for media reform

    ‘No media company should have so much power that those who run it believe themselves above the rule of law.’

  • Scottish Statement on Media Reform

    15 SNP, Labour and Scottish Green Party MSPs call for media reform

  • Public Calls for Action on Media Ownership Concentration

    Figures in a new poll reveal that there is overwhelming public support for action to confront the unaccountable power of media proprietors in the UK.

  • Manifesto for Media Reform launched

    What we're calling on politicians to do in the next parliament

  • Our media isn't like the weather, something we can't change and have to learn to accept.

    It's like it is because of conscious political and economic choices made by politicians and media owners.

    Different choices can be made, which would give us a different and better media, and we want your help to bring them about



Britain has one of the most concentrated media environments in the world.

The hacking scandal and its aftermath demonstrated how that power has been used nationally, whilst at local level community after community is losing the means to publicly hold power to account.


Far from being something we have to live with, the media system we have today is a result of deliberate political choices.

We can make other choices, and do other things to get the kind of media our democracy needs.


We can start that reform by telling our politicians that we care about our media and that we want something better.

We believe a truly democracy society needs a media that reflects the diversity of opinion in our society, not the narrow spectrum of views that constitute official public debate.

We believe that at national and local level, the powerful in public and corporate life need a media which holds them to account – and so does the media itself.



Jeremy Corbyn Backs Media Reform

Labour Leadership Front Runners Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson Back ‘Urgent Measures’ to Tackle Media Power
A survey of the nine MPs hoping to take the Leader and Deputy Leader positions in the Labour Party has […]

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