Media Democracy Festival 2021

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Media Democracy Festival 2021

We kick off with a keynote and Q&A from former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on ‘A Free Media for a Free Society’ – 6pm, Sunday 14 March

Do Black Lives Matter in the Media? with Kerry-Anne Mendoza, Chenjerai Kumunyika, Sarah Jackson and Omega Douglas, 5.30pm Monday 15 March

Media and Misogyny, with Sarah Banet-Weiser, Juliet Jacques, Samira Sawlani and Henna Zamurd-Butt, 1pm Tuesday 16 March

Class Acts: Why Class Still Matters in the Media with Sarah Jaffe, Gholam Khiabany, Deirdre O’Neill and Sarah O’Connell, 5.30pm, Tuesday 16 March

The Media and State Collusion, with Mark Curtis, journalists Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey, Victoria Brittain, Police Spies Out of Lives, and Victoria Brittain, 1pm Wednesday 17 March

Blowing the Whistle on Media Coverage of Julian Assange, with Jennifer Robinson, Andrew Fowler, Peter Cronau and Benedetta Brevini, 8pm, Wednesday 17 March

In the Climate for Change: Fires, Floods and Media Failures with Gully Bujak (XR), Lola Fayokun, Toby Miller and Brendan Montague, 1pm, Thursday 18 March

Stenographers or Critics? Mainstream Media and the ‘Westminster Bubble’ with Zarah Sultana MP, Shelley Asquith (TUC), Leo Watkins (UK Media Influence Matrix) and Des Freedman, 1pm, Friday 19 March

The Times, They Are A-Changin! The Rise and Rise of Independent News Media, with Peter Jukes, Vanessa Baird, Jonathan Heawood and Kerry-Anne Mendoza, 5.30pm, Friday 19 March

The Solution or the Problem? What Should We Do with our Public Service Media? with Tom Mills, Clive Lewis MP, Pascale Robinson and Deborah Grayson, 1pm, Saturday 20 March

Media Reform: Possible? Likely? Enough? with Marcus Ryder, James Schneider, Hilary Wainwright and Victor Pickard, 5.30pm Saturday 20 March

Digital Rights & Digital Wrongs: From Online Harms & the Spread of the Far Right on Social Media with Emma Briant, Lina Dencik, Aurelien Mondon and Alan Finlayson, 1pm, Sunday 21 March

All sessions will be live on our YouTube channel so stay tuned on this site for details.