A new media plurality law should be in all parties’ 2015 election manifestos

By Media Reform Coalition / Wednesday March 4, 2015 Read More
Letter to the Guardian, 4 March 2015 If democracy is to flourish, we will need diverse and independent voices in the media. Yet media concentration in Britain remains at worrying levels and, despite what we have learned over the last few years, a handful of media corporations and individuals continue to have considerable power over our news, cultural life and access to information. There is a danger that the increasingly digital media environment could well increase this risk. So we call on the parties involved in the 2015 general election to include a manifesto commitment to new legislation to prevent damaging media concentration and to encourage a more plural media at both national and local levels. (Seehttp://mediareform.takeaction.org.uk/petition/1.) Professor Des Freedman Chair, Media Reform Coalition Frankie Boyle Nick Davies John Cleese Polly Toynbee Richard Peppiatt One Rogue Reporter Michelle Stanistreet General secretary, NUJ Gerry Morrissey General secretary, Bectu Christine Payne General secretary, Equity Peter Jukes Mike Jempson Director, MediaWise Guy Taylor Movement against Xenophobia Jon Danzig Helen Belcher Trans Media Watch Professor James Curran Professor Natalie Fenton Professor Steve Barnett Professor Greg Philo Professor Mica Nava Professor Ivor Gaber Professor Julian Petley Professor Tom O’Malley Professor John Downey Professor Peter Golding Professor Martin Conboy Professor David Hutchison Professor Michael Pickering Professor Garry Whannel Susan Tibbles Paul Stephens Jacquie Reed Miranda McLachlan Chris Roberts David Rushton Daniel Jackson Lee Salter Simon Dawes Hugh Mackay Michael Klontzas Damian Tambini Milly Williamson Steve Presence Monika Metykova Maire Davies Patricia McManus Huseyin Kishi Harriet Williamson Louisa De Albuquerque Einar Thorsen David McQueen Tom Davies Tim Gopsill Mariam Motamedi Fraser Patricia Holland Richard Woodcock Nesrine Abdel-Sattar Chris Kelly Julia Gurney Jacob Beale John Wadsworth Ludek Stavinoha Granville Williams Alan Hancock Peter Allen Clare Best Donna McGrory Margaret Gallagher Jenny Shepherd Bertrand Houchot Elizabeth Mizon Rebecca Halligan Geraldine Ring Christabel Edwards Peter Stewart Bart Cammaerts Justin Schlosberg Inaki Garcia-Blanco Alon Lischinsky Agnes Gulyas Matthew Robinson Phil Chamberlain Michele Paule Paul Kerr Sherryl Wilson Lina Dencik Claire Monk Heather Savigny Gholam Khiabany Myra Macdonald Andreas Ehrenreich François Nectoux John Grierson Seyi Kehinde Simone Knox Sally Broughton Micova Kirsten MacLeod  Lez Cooke Simon Cross Myria Georgiou Philippa Alway Adam Lancelot Peter Goddard Paul McDonald Nancy Thumim Anne Golding Emma Briant Neil Washbourne Rhea Donaldson Alistair Cartwright Jamie Medhurst Dave Boyle