Oxford Media Convention 2012 – event report

By Media Reform Coalition / Friday January 27, 2012 Read More
Damian set out the difficulties in measuring media concentration but suggested that it had, by any measure, gone too far.  It was a sentiment echoed by Helen Goodman MP, shadow minister for Culture, Media and Sport who was also on the panel. Jonathan then explained the CCMR proposal for public interest obligations to be triggered by any company gaining 15% or more of a given media market. There followed a lively debate with David Elstein of Open Democracy stating his support for Media Reform but questioning the value of defining limits and excluding the BBC. Responses from the likes of Des Freedman and Steve Barnett reiterated that the proposals are not intended to set a limit so much as foster a culture of internal diversity within organisations – one that already pertains to some degree within the BBC by virtue of its public service obligations. Elsewhere, CCMR proposals such as the Statutory Right of Reply were raised in questions directed at Tom Watson and Harriet Harman and elicited encouraging responses.