Robert Hackett Lecture

By Media Reform Coalition / Wednesday October 3, 2012 Read More
On Wednesday 17 October, 5-6.30pm, Professor Robert Hackett will deliver a guest lecture for the Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre on ‘Journalism in Crisis, World in Crisis: Media Paradigms for a Sustainable Future’.  As we find ourselves in unfolding global crises of governance, violence and environmental decline, we are in need of journalisms that can support both collective action and reinvigorated democratic participation.  In light of such needs, this talk will critically examine the relevance and status of ‘the regime of objectivity’ in (North American) journalism and its implications for crisis engagement.  It will then consider the characteristics and prospects for emerging “challenger” paradigms, such as peace journalism and environmental communication, that are oriented towards non-violent social change, and that overlap with the project of democratic empowerment in the media field. Robert A. Hackett is professor of communication at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, co-director of NewsWatch Canada, and a co-founder of  He has written extensively on journalism, political communication, and media representation.  His current research interests include media democratization as a social movement, news media and climate change, and peace journalism, objectivity, and other journalism paradigms in relation to democracy. Hackett’s recent publications include Expanding Peace Journalism (2011, co-edited with Ibrahim Seaga Shaw and Jake Lynch), Remaking Media: The struggle to democratize public communication (2006, with William Carroll), and Democratizing Global Media: One World, Many Struggles (2005, co-edited with Yuezhi Zhao).  Hackett serves on the editorial boards of Journalism Studies, Media Development, Global Media Journal, Democratic Communique and Studies in Social Justice.  He has been involved in community-oriented media education and advocacy since 1983. When: Wednesday 17 October, 5-6.30pm Where: Goldsmiths College, New Academic Building, Lower Ground 01