Media Democracy Festival 2023

Every year, the Media Democracy Festival brings together academics, activists and decision-makers to understand what’s going on in the media landscape, build connections and strengthen the movement for a transformed media. Read More

“I can think of nothing more important in this day and age than dealing with the question of media, access to knowledge and how we get ideas across to people. The Media Democracy Festival is very much part of that process” – Jeremy Corbyn


25 March 2023, 11:00 – 17:30 GMT

Birkbeck Clore Management Centre, 27 Torrington Square, London, WC1E 7JL

Featuring keynote speaker Zarah Sultana MP, alongside contributions from leading media experts and campaigners, trade union representatives and social justice activists, this year’s Media Democracy Festival is set to be an uplifting, thought-provoking and urgent gathering.

Whether you’re a hardened media reform advocate or a curious media consumer, join us to learn how we can reshape the media to work for people, not profit. Our media is broken. Be part of the movement to fix it.

The Personal & Political – Journalism from a point of view

Thu, 2 March 2023, 19:00 – 20:00 GMT, Online

Ahead of the Media Democracy Festival this year we will speak with journalists Shirish Kulkarni and Hamza Syed about reporting stories with personal stakes.

A lot of modern reporting follows the journalist as they go on a personal journey to uncover the truths of their chosen topic. But often these journeys feel strangely detached, failing to engage with the politics of place and community that give their story real, relatable meaning.

In this livestreamed discussion, the Media Reform Coalition will be in conversation with Shirish Kulkarni and Hamza Syed about their experiences of reporting on stories that directly affect them and their communities, and of using journalism as an organising tool within those communities.

  • Shirish Kulkarni is an independent journalist, researcher and community organiser whose work focuses on the intersections between journalism, innovation, inclusion and art.
  • Hamza Syed is an investigative reporter and the co-host of the Serial Productions / New York Times podcast The Trojan Horse Affair.

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