Ed Miliband and John Major call for ownership caps in line with Media Reform proposals

By Media Reform Coalition / Wednesday June 13, 2012 Read More
Yesterday Ed Miliband and John Major both called for new ownership caps to be applied to the media. John Major specified the need to prohibit any company from commanding more than 20 percent of cross media revenues, whilst Miliband focussed on the need to limit the share of newspaper audiences. Both these principles are cornerstones of Media Reform’s latest proposals submitted to Lord Leveson ahead of the final sessions of his inquiry into media ethics this summer. These proposals were produced in response to a special invitation from Lord Leveson and they follow extensive consultation with a range of civil society stakeholders over the past year. In addition to caps, the proposals outline measures to protect the autonomy and integrity of both journalists and editors working in major news organisations; a system of levies to fund public interest media via a new Public Media Trust; and a statutory backed News Publishing Commission to replace the PCC. Taken together, they present a holistic solution to the myriad problems that have been uncovered over the course of the Inquiry hearings. James Curran, Chair of Coordinating Committee for Media Reform, said: “Never before has there been such a united front against the perils of concentrated media power”.