MRC Governance 2011-2023

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From when we were founded in 2011 up until the launch of our membership structure in March 2023, our governance was by a Coordinating Committee composed of individuals from supporting organisations with the following remit:

  • Election of Chair and Vice-Chair of the MRC every two years from nominees. Process for nominations will be posted on the website. Nominations will be invited at least one month prior to the July MRC-CC meeting. No-one can stand as Chair or Vice-Chair more than twice consecutively. Immediate past chairs go directly onto the Co-ordinating Committee. There is an assumption that Vice-Chairs will stand for the role of Chair but there is no obligation to do so.
  • To agree the working groups (that will carry out the main actions of the MRC) and to set the general direction of work.
  • To offer general advice at the Co-ordinating Committee meetings to be held at least twice a year. In addition there will at least two ordinary meetings a year open to everyone plus a Media Democracy Festival.

The Co-ordinating Committee could receive nominations for membership at any point and could co-opt members at any point by simple majority. There was no term of office but if members were inactive for 12 months they would be asked whether or not they wished to continue. Due to lack of funds, no travel expenses were available for attendance

Members of the Co-ordinating Committee at the time of it being dissolved were:

James Curran (Past chair/founding member MRC/Goldsmiths); Maggie Chao (38 Degrees); Natalie Fenton (Past Chair/Founding memberMRC/Goldsmiths); Des Freedman (Past chair/founding member MRC/Goldsmiths); Sarah Kavanagh (NUJ); Jonathan Hardy (LSBU, formerly CPBF); Gareth Lowe (formerly CBPF, UNITE); Riaz Meer Vice-Chair, BECTU); Kerry-Ann Mendoza (The Canary); Tom Mills (Chair, Aston University); Shelley Cobb (Southampton University); Adrian Renton (University of East London); Justin Schlosberg (Past chair/Birkbeck); Nathan Sparkes (Hacked Off); Damian Tambini (LSE); Einar Thorsen (Bournemouth University); Leo Watkins (Formerly Enders Analysis); Henna Zamurd-Butt (Media Diversified); Alaphia Zoyab ( – personal capacity)